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Icons of Contemporary Christian Artists

Contemporary Christian Music Icons
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Hi! Welcome to the Contemporary Christian Music Icon Community. :)

This community is currently moderated by outofdoritos and bananabear333. We both noticed that there weren't very many active icon communities dedicated to Christian artists, so we thought we'd start our own. Posting in this community is public, so feel to join and post icons. However, we do ask that you follow a few rules.

1. This is a Christian music icon community, so only icons of Christian artists may be posted. If you are linking to a multi-fandom post, please make sure that your subject matter is appropriate. If you have any doubts, don't post. Better safe than sorry. ;)

2. This community is for icons only. Any posts that do not contain icons, including community promotions, are not allowed and will be deleted. However, if you are linking to a post that contains wallpapers or other graphics, make sure that your post contains icons as well. (All of these posts should obviously be behind a cut.)

3. Please do not create posts to ask for icon requests or tutorial requests. If you have a certain icon-maker in mind to make your request, post a comment to their journal, (if they allow this.)

4. Do not post less than 3 icons in a post, as it clutters up friends pages.

5. If you are posting more than 3 icons, please use an lj-cut. Here's a good tutorial on how to use an lj-cut tag.

6. Teasers or previews are of course, allowed and encouraged. However, all teasers should be of Christian artist icons. (This would apply if you have a multi-fandom post.)

7. Only post icons that you have made. Any post that contains icons not created by the poster will be deleted. This is stealing and is not fair to the person who actually made the icons. Anyone who constantly violates this rule will risk getting banned from this community.

8. When posting in this community, please make sure that you do not tYPe LykE THis. We all know how to use proper spelling, people. ;)

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to contact the moderators.

Thanks for your cooperation!

Your moderators,
outofdoritos and bananabear333

Overrides by faceon.

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